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Voluminous Hair -> Thin Hair -> Voluminous Hair - My Story

Posted: January 28, 2022
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Hello everyone! I am Pooja, a young lady who is recently married. I am sure that everyone loves a beautiful, strong, and healthy hair. However, with years of good care by my mom, I had long voluminous hair. She used to oil my hair right from the scalp to the tip-end of hair that nourished my hair to be super strong. Furthermore, within a year of my married life, when I conceived, a lot of changes started happening to my body. Hormonal changes that spike up during pregnancy made my hair fall off. Thus, during my pregnancy and postpartum, I was experiencing severe hair loss that resulted in thinning of my hair.

However, the saddest part was, though I could notice a lot of hair fall during my pregnancy and the postpartum period, I couldn’t able to try out anything as I was in an important phase in my life. Furthermore, after a year of my childbirth, I was able to manage some time and take care of my hair. So, I plan to try out some home remedies, i.e. application of DIY hair masks that include some special ingredients like methi seeds, aloe vera, curd, onion juice, hair oil, etc. As you need to apply these things regularly for a period of at least 3 to 6 months, I used to miss out on the schedule, and thus, with no consistency in my hair care, I couldn’t experience satisfying results.

Then, I consulted my family doctor and he suggested me a specific hair oil and some vitamin tablets. I started using them and after a month, there was only 10% control in my hair fall. However, just as second advice or opinion, I planned to consult a dermatologist and through my search for the best skin and hair clinic in Hyderabad, I came across Science Of Skin Clinic in Kukatpally. I made an appointment and there, I had a consultation with Dr. Namratha, she was very friendly, and being a hair specialist and a woman, she understood my problem. I was advised to go for the hair loss treatment clinic in Hyderabad, and through her motivation and supporting words, I agreed.

Furthermore, there were multiple sessions in the treatment procedure and they carried out the whole process with expert techniques and advanced equipment. Though I was tensed in the initial stage of the procedure, they guided me and made me feel calm and relaxed throughout the treatment process. However, after a period of 6 months, hair clinics in Hyderabad my hair fall stopped and I was experiencing hair growth as well. Now, I gained confidence that I will get my previous healthy, strong, and long hair back.

Thank You Science Of Skin Clinic!


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