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Science Of Skin has Turned Out to be a Solution to My Acne Problem – Happy with My Clear Skin

Posted: October 12, 2021
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All women across the globe have to deal with acne at a point in their life. In most of the girl’s life, it also marks the onset of acne when she attains puberty. Or are you some of the lucky ones with good skin who never had to experience acne? For some girls, acne is more common than others. Most of us are familiar with what I’m talking about here. We had to battle acne at least at a certain point in our lives. We have felt hopeless, insecure, and felt ugly when it has happened. Most of us have visited Dermatologists and tried different creams and oils to get rid of acne. 

Today I will share my experience with acne and how I finally got rid of it.  My name is Sara, and I’m 25 years old and living in Hyderabad. My experience with breakouts started at about the age of 12. During the initial phase, just a few pimples were scattered over my forehead and the chin. My mom had always told me to take good care of my skin and always ensured that I followed a good skincare routine. I started panicking as my skin continued to have breakouts. That year I had to perform at an event in school, to hide the acne and the marks, I turned to the foundation and applied thick layers of creams. The next day the acne took a worse hit, and my face was filled with painful cysts. Despite following a balanced diet, there was nothing I could do as a remedy. I drank lots of water, hoping it would help me get rid of the acne, but nothing changed. 

Soon I turned to the internet for help; after hours of browsing, I found several home remedies and creams which were supposed to help with acne. I had used toothpaste, lemon juice, tea tree oil, and so on to help me with my acne. This went on for quite some time till I stopped looking at the internet for solutions. My parents tried to make me feel better, saying that it would stop when I got older.

Let’s go to my teens when I was still battling acne. Soon I visited the Dermatologist and was prescribed an anti-inflammatory cream to help with the inflamed acne and an expensive brand of face wash and moisturizer. After using these products, my skin turned to normal, and the breakouts had stopped. I then decided to stop using those products as my skin had cleared up. Little did I know that the relief was only temporary; acne started reappearing on my skin after a few days. The cream was reducing the oil content of my skin and just treating the external cause. I did not think that there could be some underlying changes that I had to deal with to get better. I spent a good part of my teens and early adulthood trying to find a cure for acne. 

Finally, after a long time of researching and recommendations from friends, I found Science Of Skin. After years of trying different remedies and treatments, I was skeptical when I heard about this skin clinic. I decided to try my luck and booked a session with their Dermatologists. During the initial consultations, they conducted several tests trying to find the underlying causes. After their evaluation, they discussed a treatment regime with me that would help treat my acne. They had a wide range of skin treatments such as laser surfacing, facial treatments, and so on. I was scared to try their treatments initially as I did not want to damage my skin further. After researching all their treatments, I learned that it is safe and would make my skin better. I went along with my treatment, and now my skin is fresh and free from acne. I wish I had found this clinic a little earlier so that I wouldn’t have had to spend all these years feeling insecure and depressed. 

It has been over two months since my treatment, and I did not have any side effects. I am very grateful to my friend for recommending Science Of Skin to me. I have got rid of my acne and insecurities, which has helped me be confident and grow.


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