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Science Of Skin Clinic Has Done A Miracle In My Life – Baldness To Voluminous Hair

Posted: January 7, 2022
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The saying “No job is simple, and sitting at one place for a long time gives you multiple physical and mental health problems” is so true, especially in my case. Hello everyone, this is Rohit and I am a software employee working with a very hectic schedule, almost all day in front of my laptop with full of stress. In the earlier months of my professional career, I started experiencing the balding of my hair. Though I went through some medicines and home remedies, nothing worked out and the baldness was getting even worse due to the unhealthy food habits, work pressure, and stress I was going through at my workplace.

No hair on my scalp made me feel stressed, under confident to face my friends, team, and colleagues. I was going through a more distressing stage and I was desperately looking for a solution for my baldness problem. My friends and relatives suggested me to try various home remedies and I started experimenting with them all. None of them showed me satisfying results. I guess mine was a different case. So, I made my mind to know the cause for my hair loss and baldness problem, then we’ll think of the solution. However, one day I met my childhood friend after ages, he suggested me to consult the top dermatologists in Hyderabad at Science Of Skin Clinic.

My friend said, a few years back he also went through a hair loss problem and took hair transplantation in Hyderabad at the Science Of Skin Clinic. Through his words, I came to know that he had an amazingly positive and satisfying result there and his hair also looked quite healthy and strong.

I started researching about the Science Of Skin Clinic and other best skin and Hair care services in Hyderabad. Also, went through the posts and videos on YouTube and social networking sites. One of the videos of hair transplantation treatment seemed very scary and I was worried about my situation. With the severity of the hair fall condition, I finally made up my mind to visit the Science Of Skin Clinic and consult dermatologists there. Initially, I went through the consultation with Dr. Santosh and the staff and team seemed friendly as well as derivative towards their work. Overall, there was a positive and calm ambiance at the Science Of Skin Clinic.

Furthermore, I underwent FUE hair transplantation treatment by Dr. Santosh and Dr. Sruthi. Though I was worried about the procedure, it did not experience much pain. Adding to this, doctors’ guidance and consultation helped me a lot to boost my confidence. Later, after a couple of months, my hair looked great. Finally, the hair on my scalp was back and I could notice growth even. It started looking all natural and thus, confidence in me was boosted naturally. Thanks to the dermatologists at the Science Of Skin Clinic, I would definitely recommend it to people who are suffering from baldness and hair fall problems.

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