What is a scar?

When you injure your skin — by accident or from a surgery — your body works to repair the wound. The body creates collagen (a tough fiber in your body that gives the skin strength and flexibility) to reconnect the tissues broken apart by the injury. While the body does this work, it creates a scab over the wound. The scab protects the wound from germs as the body heals.

When the skin is injured due to a surgery or an accident, our body starts repairing the wound. The body creates collagen to recreate the broken tissues of the skin. While this happens, it leaves a mark on the skin. This mark is called as Scar.

There are different types of scares which are post-acne scars, open pores scars, post-traumatic scars. Each type of scar can occur due to many reasons.

Micro-needling Radio Frequency is the process through which scars are treated. At Science of Skin, our expert team makes sure that the best technology is used to cure scars. Scar treatment takes around 6 – 8 sessions depending on the intensity or how dark the scar is. There could be a downtime of mild redness for 1-2 days.

Your face is meant to glow with confidence and positive spirit but, the many a time, scars that occur due to pimples disturb your face making you fret while you look at yourself in the mirror. Pimples occur due to hormonal imbalance, stress, genes and numerous other reasons. Natural oil(sebum) gets sedimented in the skin pores which leads to inflammation. While healing, this leaves behind a pit or a blemish. Rolling scars (with gently sloping edges), box scars (with sharp edges), and ice-pick scars (deep pits which appear like large open pores) are a few generally observed types of acne scars. At Science Of Skin, our experts help you get rid of acne/pimples with proven treatments that put an end to your agony. Treatments we offer are: SUBCISION MICRONEEDLING RADIOFREQUENCY TECHNOLOGY SCAR EXCISION DERMAL FILLERS INTRALESIONAL INJECTIONS FOR KELOIDS, HYPERTROPHIC SCARS PEELS.

This treatment helps in minimizing the depth of scar. Needles are used to releasing the bands that grip the underlying structure to the base of the scar by giving local anaesthesia to the affected area.

For this procedure, we use a fractionated Erbium YAG Laser from one of the leading Laser manufacturers called Alma Lasers. This technique suits best for the Asian skin by using the suitable wavelength as per the proven ablative fractional resurfacing modality principle. It enhances collagen production and works for all kinds of scars and lines. Apart from making your skin look younger, it also resuscitates your skin cells. This procedure is very safe and quick as compared to other procedures. Shouldering is recommended at times where the erbium YAG Laser demolishes the sharp edges of box scars. This is done to make the deep scars become smooth to treat. SCAR EXCISION is another effective method for treating deep scars which involve the use of a pen size punch to remove the scars completely. Local anaesthesia is used for painless processing. Further, normal skin is stitched together to make the scars almost unapparent which is then blended with the pixel resurfacing.

It is commonly referred to as the “lunch hour” procedure because of the fact that it takes less than 60 minutes. Hyaluronic acid, a natural substance produced in the skin is used to fill up the scars along with an anesthetic cream, to ensure it doesn’t cause pain. It stays in the scars for around 7 months and later gets absorbed by the skin. We strictly use hyaluronic acid that is approved by the FDA (USA) for treatment.

This treatment is recommended for raised bumpy scars that are known as hypertrophic scars which, if left untreated, may turn into keloids. Injections are given at an interval of 2 to 4 weeks (till the scar is completely cured) to stop the scars from growing further. An attempt to flatten them is also made.

This treatment requires 4 to 5 days where the top layers of skin peel off revealing clear and fresh skin. This treatment suits better flat or pigmented scars.

Acne – It comes uninvited and seeks our undivided attention and if not treated can leave their marks, spots, and sometimes deep acne scars. Regardless of the extent of severity of acne scars, what is most important is that a scar is not a permanent mark and can be removed with appropriate treatment and care. The below infographics give an insight of Acne Scars, Types of Acne Scars, Micro needling Radiofrequency Technology and lot more.

  • Expertise and knowledge in dealing with all types of acne scars.
  • Safe and efficient equipment approved by USFDA.
  • Internationally trained doctors
  • Multiple choices of treatments that suit your comfort and time.
  • Customized treatment for each type of skin and professional set of rules followed from the time of the beginning of your first sitting.

What are the different types of scars?
Scars are of different types based on their shape and texture. For instance, macular or flat scars are those which are dark brown or reddish in colour. Rolling scars are those with gently sloping edges and they are sunken below the surrounding skin. There are Boxcar scars which have sharp edges and are sunken like craters, whereas the Ice Pick scars appear like deep pits looking like large open pores. There are also Papular scars and Keloidal scars but most of the people are affected by a combination of Rolling scars, Ice Pick scars and Boxcar scars.
Is Scar Treatment with Micro needling Radiofrequency painful? How long does it take?
This process is not really painful as a numbing cream is applied and the whole session takes about 20 minutes to complete.
How long does it take for healing?
Within a span of 2-3 days.
Any side effects?
The side effects are quite minimal such as swelling and mild redness. This can be managed by applying dermatologist prescribed topical antibacterial cream, sunscreen lotion and moisturizer.
How many sessions are required?
It depends on the specific skin concern. Normally, a course of 4-6 sessions spaced out across a span of 1-2 months is considered to get satisfactory results.

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