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No More Dark Eye Circles… My Glowing Beauty is Back!

Posted: January 20, 2022
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Dark eye circles are really a nightmare for every girl. It takes all the beauty and makes you feel distressed. That was my case and I really suffered a lot, but now… No darker eye circles, my glowing beauty is back!

Here’s my story, do check out! Hope it will be helpful.

I am Malvika, a medical college student pursuing MBBS. You might all be aware that how much a medical student needs to study and be dedicated to her dream career. Yes, I am a very studious girl and I topped my 10th, inter-board exams, and secured a top rank in medical entrance as well. I was completely healthy and my skin looked beautiful as well. But then, when I moved to Hyderabad for my MBBS, I was very much happy. New friends, classes, food, ambiance were all good. I started getting busy in my classes and soon my first semester exams were going to get started.

All my schedule turned out to be only with books, studying, studying, and studying. Combined studies, labs, etc. made our lives completely busy and I started doing night outs as well. I could notice some darkness under my eyes and dullness in my face but was unable to take care of it due to lack of time, and being busy in my studies. We had our exams and after completion, after long days, I got time to relax and rest. Furthermore, I have also decided to spend some me-time and when I looked myself in the mirror, my face was really dull and the dark circles were clearly visible, affecting my beauty.

I was very much tensed but planned to relax and rest for a day or two, hoping that dark circles will go with good sleep. But those dark circles were stubborn and didn’t go off. I took some suggestions from my friends and seniors and started trying out some home remedies. There was a slight change in the appearance of dark circles but the results were not satisfying. However, with the suggestion from one of my friends, I got to know about Dr. Sruthi – the dermatologist at the Science Of Skin Clinic. Through my friend’s words, I came to know that it is one of the best skin and hair clinics in Hyderabad. Finally, I planned to make a visit and book an appointment at the Science Of Skin Clinic. When I visited, the clinic was so calm, neat with a peaceful ambiance. The staff seemed to be so dedicated towards their work, busy with the schedule, appointments, and patients.

Furthermore, I had a consultation with Dr. Sruthi and she got to know my problem through several questions. She checked my skin and suggested I go with the dark eye circles program. Through her words, I gained confidence that I can get rid of dark circles and get back my face. So, I chose to proceed with the treatment procedure. However, I had to go for multiple sessions during the skin lightening treatment in Hyderabad  course, and first, I had a peel treatment that clears off dead skin cells on my skin. Then, fillers treatment and hydrating facial mask.

The whole treatment procedure was painless and the staff was very much supportive. After the assisted sessions from skin specialists in Hyderabad, I can notice changes in my face and under-eye dark circles. The darkness under my eyes was invisible and I can see the glowing tone of my skin. The dermatologist suggested I take a rest for one day or two and insisted I avoid getting under the hot sun and polluted areas. However, after a couple of days, my glowing beautiful face was back with shining soft under-eye skin and no dark circles.

Thank You Science Of Skin Clinic, You Really Do Wonders!


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