miraDry (Former Miramar Labs) established in 2007 from The Foundry Targeted underarm sweat as major business opportunity with unmet clinical need Huge global population Existing solutions sub-optimal Anti-perspirants Systemic Drugs (anticholinergics) Botox Surgery (ETS, Surgical Excision, Liposuction) Researched other energy modalities (laser, RF, cryo, HIFU, microwave) Confirmed microwave was optimally suited to seek and destroy sweat glands Energy focused and contained at depths where sweat glands reside Energy preferentially targets high-water content tissue

Indicated for use in treatment of primary axillary hyperhidrosis and permanent reduction of unwanted underarm hair in adults 18 and older.When used for the treatment of primary axillary hyperhidrosis, the miraDry System may reduce underarm odor NOT indicated for use in the treatment of hyperhidrosis related to other body area. Do NOT use miraDry anywhere except the axilla.

How miraDry Works

Proprietary system focuses energy delivery to the dermal-fat interface.

Energy becomes concentrated along this interface and creates a Focal Energy Zone.

Continuous hydro-ceramic cooling prevents thermal conduction of heat superficially, and creates a Heat Zone at the level of sweat glands.

Before & After Miradry


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