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    Laser Hair Reduction

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    We know how important it is to choose the best when it comes to skin and hair. At Science Of Skin, we are a team of dermatologist who are specialized in Dermatology and Cosmetology.

    Our Mission

    To serve our clients with complete integrity. Our services give us a motto to serve the best in our genre without any hindrance. We consistently wish to create better customer experiences to build more success stories.

    Our Vision

    Our comprehensive approach towards our mission gives us a perfect picture to achieve the space of one of the top service providers in the country. Not only in Hyderabad but we also aspire to set our footprints across major metropolitan cities in India.

    Laser Hair Reduction:
    We all hate unwanted hair. That is the reason we call it “unwanted.” Regardless of gender, excessive hair on the body or face makes one self-conscious, annoyed, anxious. Threading, Shaving, Waxing, Plucking, Tweezing are a few unwanted hair removal methods that demand your consistent time and effort. That’s when Laser Hair Removal Treatment came to our rescue. With a promise of a stubble-free life, laser hair removal is the contemporary choice for people to get rid of unwanted hair.

    Earlier, this permanent hair removal was limited to women. But the desire to be dead-drop gorgeous in the Instagram world has driven even men to try permanent hair removal techniques. To get rid of the excess facial hair or to get that attractive beard look. Science Of Skin offers advanced laser hair removal treatment in Hyderabad that eradicates all your hassle to have velvety skin.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    One’s beauty could get hindered by the unwanted hair on spaces like the upper lip, cheeks, legs, abdomen, or hands. But, the silver lining – unwanted hair growth is normal in women and men of all ages. To begin this permanent hair removal treatment of the Science Of Skin, we need to know about the primary principle of laser hair removal. Using this principle, we set a concentrated beam of light/the laser on the hair follicles. The laser next converts its energy into the heat and prevents the hair follicle from further growth. Our team matches the specific wavelength of light and pulse that resonates with your target area to eliminate no/minimal effect on the surrounding areas.

    Well, for decades, we bank on the conventional hair removal methods such as threading and waxing. In today’s engaged world, running out to the salon every week is a daunting task. Plus, it is not economical either. To that end, we came up with a useful and cost-effective laser hair removal treatment in Hyderabad that promises:

    • No pain but all gain. During the procedure, you might face a little heat (no pain)from the laser on your skin. But hey, no more waxing. No more WAXING!! No more ouch(es) for being hair ripped out in waxing. Ladies, isn’t that our fantasy?
    • The ingrown hair shows up soon after shaving or waxing. But, with this permanent hair removal method, the odds of getting ingrown hair are quite minimal. Even when they appear, the hair manages to be fit and fine.
    • Men out there, how does it feel to have no more razor burns and nicks? Hair Removal for Men is now in town to flaunt the perfect smooth toned skin with zero barriers. Hurray!!
    • Laser Hair Removal Treatment is precise. Period.

    What Our Satisfied Customers Say About Us!

    So happy to see my smooth skin Great results , thank you very much to science of skin, Thank You Dr.Sruthi
    -Radha Roi
    I have been to other centers also, but not satisfied, here amazing doctor and nice technology used, i felt no pain. Nice results – Jyothi

    Thanks alot for this i m a body builder i took laser hair removal for full body, Great results ! Extremely happy that I found this place in Hyd gonna recommended to all my friends

    • -Arun



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