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It’s Really a Wonder..! My Healthy & Shiny Hair is Back. Here’s My Story with Science Of Skin

Posted: October 8, 2021
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For every girl, her hair is one of the essential features. Everyone loves their hair and would never want to experience hair fall, but that is not how life works. Sometimes due to chemicals and other times due to illness, we often experience hair fall. Hair fall can also increase as you get older, and hair fall and thinning hairline can be seen in both men and women. Every year many people struggle with hair fall. 

My name is Nisha, and I am 31 years old. Today I will tell you about my experience with hair fall and how I got over it. During my childhood, I had thick hair. My mother used to oil and took care of my hair. After becoming a teenager, I started discovering different hair care products. It was apparent to shampoo and condition your hair every day, as nobody wanted to go to school with oily hair. During those days, I had a bit of hair fall, and upon discussing it with my mother, she said it was natural for a few hairs to fall every day, and new hair would grow. After finishing school, I decided to pursue a career in fashion and also joined modeling where I had to use many products to style my hair; even during the hectic schedule, I oiled my hair at least once a week. But because of constant styling, I felt I had excess hair fall; the first step everyone takes is to check the internet. Upon reading a lot of websites dedicated to hair care, I realized that it was okay to lose up to 100 or 150 hairs a day. I got married when I was 27 and was soon juggling my family life and career alongside. I got pregnant after a year and gave birth to a healthy baby boy when I was 29. Soon after having a baby, my hair started falling out, and I had excess hair fall. 

Being in the glamour industry, I couldn’t get in terms with what was happening to me. I started feeling conscious and trying different home remedies to reduce hair fall and promote hair growth. I went to a doctor, and the doctor suggested it could be because of stress and even prescribed a couple of vitamin tablets. But to my worst nightmare, it didn’t stop. My hair continued to fall out and did not grow in again. Very soon, my hair was noticeably thin. My scalp was seen through my hair, and the volume had reduced to less than half. I was so upset and stopped going out. I started feeling insecure and depressed. My personal life was in chaos. It’s not easy to take care of a toddler when you are depressed. My hair was one of the essential things in my life, and I loved my hair. It was long, thick, shiny, and black. I got a haircut hoping that new hair follicles would grow and hair fall would reduce. But there was no change, and now I couldn’t raise it even after my shoulders because it was weak and thin.

I was stressed, depressed, and being unable to take care of my family. I felt devastated every time I saw a mirror. My self-esteem took a severe toll, and I stopped working as I couldn’t bear to see people looking at me with a pitiful expression. I felt so ugly and self-conscious about my thin hair. I felt horrible and knew I had to change something, but I couldn’t get over the embarrassment of my hair loss.

Last year, I discovered the Science Of Skin Clinic through my friends. I was desperate and willing to try anything by then, and I booked an appointment with them. During my first consultation, I wasn’t sure I would get any positive results, but my hair growth has increased over the last couple of months, and my hair fall has reduced. The experts at Science Of Skin evaluated my problem and developed an effective plan to help me. 

Since then, my hair has been growing strong and thick and shiny and smooth each day. It grows an inch every week, and it is entirely healthy, and I am so happy and grateful to have my beautiful hair again.

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