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How to Control Hair Loss and Promote Hair Growth – Best Treatment Methods

Posted: December 23, 2021
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Hair fall is a common concern experienced by most people of almost all ages. There can be multiple causes of hair loss and the best skin and hair care services in Hyderabad treatments to control it depend upon the cause. However, hair loss after pregnancy is common and it may get back to its normal growth on its own. Some of the other reasons for hair loss include hormone imbalances, stress, genetics, fungal conditions of the scalp, nutritional deficiencies, autoimmune diseases, etc.

Furthermore, there are some natural ways to control hair loss and thus, promote hair growth. Try out these important tips to reduce hair fall and in order to get healthy and strong hair. Let’s get best Hair care services in Hyderabad from us.

  1. Platelet-rich Plasma:

For people experiencing huge hair loss, dermatologists may suggest you undergo platelet-rich plasma treatment. Furthermore, in this treatment procedure, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) cells are injected into your scalp, at the places impacted by hair loss, and it results in stimulating hair growth. Prp treatment in Hyderabad method helps in treating hair fall, some of the benefits associated with it are:

  • Enables you to experience voluminous and healthy hair.
  • The thickness of hair increases due to the growth factors.
  • Prevents hair loss and strengthens your hair.
  • After the treatment, in a short period, you will experience minimal hair fall and start seeing new hair follicles.
  • No side effects will be experienced with this treatment. 
  1. Hair Transplantation:

Most people, especially men who are experiencing severe hair loss undergo baldness if they won’t take preventive measures to control baldness. However, if you are going bald and really worried about your looks, then the top hair transplantation treatment in Hyderabad can turn out to be a blessing for you.

Furthermore, hair transplantation is the surgical process in which the hair at the unwanted place of your body is removed and transplanted to your scalp with thin or no hair. This hair transplantation treatment procedure consists of two techniques, follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE).

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT):

  • The dermatologist will cut a strip of scalp skin with the help of a scalpel and then, the area is closed with the stitches.
  • Later, the removed portion is separated into small portions called grafts and small holes are made with a needle to insert the grafts.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE):

  • In this type of technique, the dermatologists will make small holes with a needle at the scalp area with no hair.
  • Then, they will gently place the hair, some hundreds or thousands of grafts based on the requirement.
  • Later, the scalp area is covered with bandages for one day.


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