Botulinum Toxin for Upper Face Rejuvenation!

The Derma Shine Program is a honest approach for non-surgical skin lifting using botulinum toxin. Precise microinjections of Botox injections are placed in the superficial layer of your skin to relax and release the muscles causing fine lines and wrinkles.

Results are obvious within 7-14 days of the procedure and last for 4-6 months.

Program Includes:

  1. Upper face Botox


  • Natural-looking results
  • Forehead/ Brow Lift
  • Relaxes Facial Wrinkles
  • Facial Contouring
  • Fast and Long-Lasting Results

Botox for Upper Face

There are several factors that contribute to ageing. Some of these factors are external but others include the muscles under the skin. For more than 6 decades, botulinum toxin has been used as a prescription medicine that fine-tunes muscle function to achieve varied medical and cosmetic benefits.

Science Of Skin’s Derma Shine Program is most effective in softening fine lines and wrinkles of the upper face. Horizontal forehead wrinkles, frown lines on the forehead, and smiles around the eyes react to botulinum toxin.

In addition, botulinum toxin can be used to raise the lateral eyebrows and reduce the hood of the upper eyelids. This can also be used in conjunction with reducing facial wrinkles. Both men and women can benefit from Derma Shine Program with botulinum toxin A, but treatment parameters vary according to the age of the patients and age restrictions should be taken into account in the treatment. When treated regularly and consistently, botulinum toxin therapy can help correct existing lines and prevent the development of future lines and wrinkles.

During treatment, a small needle is used to inject a tiny amount of medication into selected facial muscles. Botulinum toxin is injected to improve lines and wrinkles in the superficial muscles of the forehead and the eye area every three to four months. Over time, regenerative cells, called fibroblasts, repair existing lines and rebuild the skin’s collagen structure. This tailor-made treatment allows a significant reduction of wrinkles on the upper face and allows normal facial expressions that include eyebrows and eyes.


Essentially, this treatment is both preventive and restorative. Patients can return to regular activity after treatment, so downtime is minimal. After the injection, there may be pinpricks or small bruises, but there is a possibility that these will resolve. It is possible that the upper eyelid will temporarily fall off or bumps may appear around the eyebrows. As a rule, such events can be corrected in the following weeks.


The Derma Shine Program is effective as part of a complete anti-ageing treatment of the face. It plumps up your skin and makes your skin smoother and more alive.

Please arrange a cosmetic consultation with our experts to have a full assessment and access this customized treatment to embrace the best results.

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