Do you wish to get rid of your dark eye circles?

Dark eye circles are one of the most common aesthetic concerns that many individuals have. Dark eye circles can be caused due to pigmentation, tear through depression on the lower eyelids, sagging skin, or a combination of various other factors.

Program Includes:

  1. Clears with a peel treatment
  2. Volumizes with Fillers treatment
  3. Hydrating Facial Mask (from Korea)


  • Improve Appearance of Dark Eye Circles
  • Reduces Pigmentation
  • Skin Texture Refinement
  • Volumizing Tear Trough Depression

Dark circles need dedicated treatment and thus, we have designed a comprehensive eye rejuvenation program which is a combination of advanced methods that are targeted to reduce the under-eye dark circles.  This program is relatively modern and includes painless processes that make it more comfortable. The major benefit of this program is getting rid of dark circles and moreover, you will also be ensured with other benefits like glowing, healthy skin, and relief from the dull appearance.

The Dark Eye Circles Program addresses different undereye concerns including dark lines, baggy or puffy eyes with a safe and effective peel treatment.

Eye peel therapy with retinol or arginine helps depigment, hydrate, rejuvenate and exfoliate your skin without compromising on its pH.

Under-eye peels work effectively against the dark lines and circles that make your facial appearance dull. It helps remove darkened and damaged skin layer and stimulate newer skin layer. Moreover, peel therapy is designed to suit all skin types and doesn’t have any harsh impacts or side effects.

A long-lasting soft and natural hyaluronic acid filler restores the tear trough deformity, leaving your eye and skin looking and feeling more refreshed.

Through advanced procedures and our professionally trained dermatologists you can get rid of your dark circles.

Hydrating mask from Korea containing vitamin E and other extracts helps by acting as an anti-ageing agent.

With our eye-peeling and honest Dark Eye Circles Program, you get the best look of beautiful eyes. The skin around your eyes will have a natural shine and suppleness.

You will see the results as soon as the procedure is completed. Contact us, to make an appointment with our expert dermatologists.

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