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Best Pimple Removal Treatment With Advanced Micro Needling Technology In Hyderabad.

Posted: April 10, 2020
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Who invented pimples? We gotta talk!

Like seriously! I know you love me so much and can’t let me go.

If you can resonate yourself in the above lines, welcome to the club! Pimples or acne are one of the most common and stressful skin conditions we go through, especially in the age group between 13-30. For many people out there, it puts a lot of pressure as it degrades one’s self-esteem. But the truth is, acne plays a role in more than just physical appearance. In many cases, it leads to emotional trauma, mental health conditions namely anxiety or worse, depression. All this comes down to one point- acne makes one feel less beautiful and more self-conscious.

So, what do we do now? Keep on applying tens of pimple homemade remedies hoping that at least one would work out?

No, your prayers are heard. Pimple Removal Treatment is here in town. It varies for everyone depending on skin type. Before you even consider going for pimple mark removal, you ought to know your skin type, the cause behind acne, and be clear on what you are dealing with to get the best results possible.

Common reasons for pimples:


  • You may be consuming the wrong food. But the diet effect on the skin completely depends. For some, it could be spicy foods while some other group gets a reaction to dairy products. As we said, it is subjective!


  • You are stressed! Stress plays a major role in your acne. Yes, you freak out when you get a pimple. But you need to know whether the pimple is making you stressed or your stress is giving you pimples. Usually, when we are under pressure, the human skin releases stress hormones that stimulate oil glands to make testosterone which further strengthens the oil production and seals your pores.


  • You are touching your face way too much! I know it is irritating but you cannot pick or rub your pimple. You only make it worse as it leaves red marks that could become scars. On that note, if you are into system work, do not keep your hands on the chin, you could transmit the bacteria from your hands to face.


  • You are sleeping on the dusty pillowcases. The friction of the face rubbing against the pillowcase could elevate inflammation or breakouts. It is highly recommended to wash your face before you go to bed and change the cases for every 2-3 days. Also, try to use silk cases to reduce friction. It is a win-win game for both your hair and face.


  • You are using the wrong products. No, you cannot put everything you see on the commercials or YouTube. Every Pimple Removal Home Remedy is not for you. If you have tried many methods but still failed, you better consult a dermatologist immediately.


  • You smoke. Smoking causes more problems than you can ever imagine. Every time you put a cigar in your mouth, you are literally decreasing the quantity of oxygen that goes to your skin. It is also a cause of wrinkles, breakouts, and increased pore size.

The list goes on and on. Point is that even if there is Best Pimple Treatment a call away, you need to be sure of the cause. And how do you know what the cause is? Well, that’s why we are here for you. Science of Skin Clinic begins with a skin evaluation, noting every detail of your skin, food, and lifestyle habits. This helps us dig deeper to know the root cause and give you the glowing skin you have been dreaming of.

Best Pimple Treatment.

At the Science of Skin Clinic, we provide a wide range of Pimple Marks Removal Treatments for all skin types with advanced Micro needling technology. We help you get rid of those bumps on your face permanently without losing your natural tinge of beauty. Not to brag, but all our instruments, devices, and things needed for the acne treatment are highly contemporary and hygienic on every level.


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