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Best pimple removal treatment and its procedure in science of skin Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

Posted: April 14, 2020
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Pimple Treatment in Hyderabad is a commonly done treatment.

But before we begin to tell you all the nitty-gritty details of the treatment, we recommend you to know the process, why you should go under treatment, precautions to be taken, advantages, and the Cost of Pimple Removal Treatment in Hyderabad.

Pimple Removal Procedure:

The dermatologists at the Science Of Skin Clinics only prescribe authentic treatments and do the procedure under all ethical and medical terms. We begin by decreasing pimple/acne by curbing its growth before it leaves scars on the skin. After close analysis of your skin, the pre-care steps, effective treatment, post-care steps, and the follow-up are discussed.

  1. Initial Consultation:This session is all about the detailed review of your skin and health conditions. This helps the Dermatologist come up with the recommended treatment.
  2. Prescribe Medication: The type of Pimple Treatment in Hyderabad or anywhere would not be the same for all. It is not one-size-fits-all. Every skin/acne is different and so is the treatment. The treatment at SOS is completely personalized according to one’s skin condition and the type of acne.
  3. . Post-Care Advice: Based on the treatment done, we recommend a few measures to be implemented for efficient results. Wherever you get the treatment done, please ask about the post-treatment-care suggestions without fail. You can get the desired results only if you follow the recommendations punctually.
  4. Next Session:As we mentioned, this cannot be done in one go. The number of sessions/follow-ups totally depends on the degree of your acne problem. The average numbers of sessions are 6-8. But again, it all depends on your treatment and the Dermatologist.

The pre-care suggestions will also be explained to you in detail during the consultation. Our well-qualified and experienced doctors offer a wide range of acne treatments such as chemical peels, facial treatments, laser surfacing, Extractions, Injection, and Medication.

Pimple Treatment in Hyderabad.

Never settle for the good or better when you have the best in our very own Hyderabad. Science Of Skin Clinics (SOS) specialized in treating the problem without any huge alterations. We believe in enhancing beauty rather than your structure or features. After all, nothing beats an innate look. Isn’t it? To give our customers the desired looks is our ultimate goal. Therefore, we made a promise to serve the best and give you the makeover you are looking for.

Why should you choose the Science Of Skin Clinic?

We have tens of Pimple Removal Treatment Success stories. We have tonnes of recommendations in-store. We outshine in treating your bumps with perfection. Sounds cliche?

As cliche as it sounds, it remains the absolute truth. SOS has happily made many customers’ dreams come true. We have helped hundreds overcome their insecurities of acne to go live the world their way.

  • We are located at the focal points in Hyderabad – Kukatpally and Jubilee Hills. These places are easily approachable for anyone in and around the city.
  • All our skin treatments are personalized. We believe every skin demands its needed attention and treatment. We check your skin type, degree of acne, health condition and other factors to determine your type of treatment.
  • All problems; one place – Science Of Skin Clinic! We treat all types of pimples and of all degrees. Namely, mild, moderate, and severe. Likewise, blackheads, papules, cysts, whiteheads, red spots, so on.

How to get started?

Hey! We are just a call away. Also, you are just a call away in giving yourself that dream look.


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