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Best Hair Transplant In Hyderabad

Hair Transplantation In Hyderabad:

“Good Hair Speaks louder than Words!”

Hair transplantation is a surgical method/technique that involves the extraction of hair follicles from the donor area and rooting them on the recipient area. Cut to the bone, hair transplant is a process of taking hair from your thick areas and transferring it to an area you do not. Most often, it is taken from the back of the head but it can also be taken from other parts of a body. Hair Transplantation Hyderabad is accessible for both men and
women in both surgical methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

For the process, the healthy bald resistant hair from your donor is removed and implanted into the bald area. The implanted hair will stay on permanently and will naturally continue to grow.

This totally depends upon how much baldness you have. Our experts at the Science of Skin will have a personal consult with you and after examining the status, we give you the cost for the treatment.

    Minimum age should be 21 years for the surgery and maximum 65 years – however, the patient should be medically fit.

    Yes, they do. But there are some genuine reasons behind it and they are:

    a) less number of grafts being grafted resulting in poor density.

    b) Poor donor hair.

    c) Loss of existing hair leading to thinning again.

    What Our Satisfied Customers Say About Us!

    I’m very happy with the results thank you very much to science of skin, Thank You Dr.Sruthi
    -Baji Basha
    Dr.Sruthi is very interactive, tries to go to care of problems through many questions nice ambience

    Thanku so much sos for such useful Hair Transplant treatment which I could not see even in my country ! Extremely happy that I found this place in Hyd gonna recommended to all my friends

    -Fenia (Russia)



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