Give both your appearance and self-confidence a boost!

Individualized Assessment and Combination of Acne Scar Treatments

Science Of Skin clinic introduces India’s first-ever combination treatment approach to address all underlying factors and future concerns in one go.

Program Includes one or all of the following depending on the indications:

  • Acne Control Peel
  • Microneedling Radiofrequency
  • TCA cross
  • Subcision


  • Improved Appearance of Acne Scars
  • Customized Treatment for All Types of Acne Scars
  • Treatment Designed according to Your Lifestyle, Skin Type and Budget
  • Effective for All Skin Types

Tailored treatments make all the difference to the result.

Acne spots can ruin your confidence and self-esteem. If left untreated, severe acne can lead to permanent scars.

Improve the appearance of your acne scars with the help of our customized Acne Scar Revision Program. The Acne Scar Revision Program brings the process of acne scar revision to a synergistic level.

Like many acne sufferers, you may also have more than one scar. A combination of acne scar therapies based on your scar type and skin type will provide the best possible result. To provide the best natural and lasting results, Science Of Skin combines clinically proven methods and advanced technologies.  Our Acne Scar Revision Program includes TCA cross, Subcision, lasers, Microneedling radiofrequency (MNRF) to improve the appearance of scars and achieve the final result.

In the Acne Scar Revision Program, the first crucial step to clearer skin starts with an individualized and in-depth assessment to diagnose the cause of spots.

Regardless of whether a scar is due to acne or not, the assessment of your skin is done by a qualified doctor is crucial for the correct diagnosis and treatment.

Our consultant dermatologists are specialized in treating acne scars and having years of experience in a wide range of skin conditions and have a deep knowledge of the skin. We focus on determining the reasons behind your dark spots and using a combination of treatment approaches to devising a honest treatment program that delivers the best possible long-term results.

Our Acne Scar Revision Program is tailored to your individual needs. It may include prescription medications, chemical peels, specialty skincare products, laser treatments, and other device-based procedures.

Seek proper treatment for your skin issues from expert dermatologists and experience the exfoliating and rejuvenating change in your skin.

If you are seeking safe and effective acne scar removal treatment in Hyderabad, book your consultation with the Science Of Skin Clinic for amazing results.

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